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Yatsude Ink

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  • A natural ink extracted from the Japanese Yatsude plant (Fatsia japonica). The tree has wide leaves with 5 segments, which is where it obtains it's Japanese name, Fatsia (meaning five-fingered). In summer, it also produces sprays of beautiful purple berries, and this is where we obtain the dye for this ink.
    • Cool dark purple black, drying to black (depending on paper)
    • Dries with a matte or semi-gloss finish (depending on paper)
    • Can be thinned with water
    • Can be thickened with Gum Arabic
    • Available in three sizes (20mL, 40mL and 100mL
    • Suitable for writing, drawing, painting, and more.
    Please note that natural dyes are much less predictable than synthetic dyes. They may fade, intensify, change colour, change consistency and change other characteristics when mixed, or when used on different surfaces and paper types. We think this is one of the attractions of natural dyes - enjoy experimenting, and enjoy the natural variations you may find! If you'd like a trial pack of natural inks to test, please visit the Ink section of our website and look for 'Natural Ink Tester'.

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