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Ironbark Ink

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  • A natural ink extracted from the Australian Ironbark tree (Eucalyptus sideroxylon). The tree has sprays of beautiful red flowers, which appear on our label for this ink, but it's the bark from which we collect the raw materials for our ink. The tree has the unusual characteristic of naturally exuding sap which permeates through it's thick hairy bark. The sap then crystalises, staining the entire tree from light redish brown to almost black. We collect the bark shed each year from the tree, and extract the dye. The sap also naturally contains a binder (like Gum Arabic, which is the same from teh Acacia tree).
    • Dark, warm orange brown
    • Waterproof (when dry)
    • Can dry with a glossy surface (depending on the paper)
    • UV resistant 
    • Can be thinned with water
    • Can be thickened with Gum Arabic
    • Available in three sizes (20mL, 40mL and 100mL)

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